since the beginning of my professional career, i have been working with exhibition concepts in spaces – digital as well as analogue ones: from most represantative spaces like german opera houses, threshold spaces like theatre and cinema foyers to the opaque spaces of the darknet. see more >>

gemeinsam gewollte gesamtkonzeption

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film programs

the core interest of my curatorial practice has always been the moving image and its exhibition in analogue and digital <cinematic> spaces – in the form of film series, curated festival programs or retrospectives. see more >>

umbrüche / aufbrüche

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in the beginning was the text – almost always. it – the thing I do – emerges from text. be it a theoretical musing on a certain subject, be it a pitch for funding. it starts with pen on paper or rather pixel on screen. some of the results are published, most are not. see more >>

han tao: die leerstelle im bild

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crucial to the curatorial practice is to talk about the things we do and why we did them like that. panel talks, interviews or lectures are shapes these talks can take. in some of them i am a speaker amongst others, in others i presented panels and asked questions or merely curated the situation of communication. see more >>

zukünfte des kinos - kinos der zukunft

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